Trump winning where Obama didn’t

The Taliban has issued a 17,000-word appeal to America’s lawmakers and the American people to pressure President Trump to end the 16-year war. The reason for the Taliban’s urgent plea for the withdrawal of America’s forces is this: Under the Obama administration, the Taliban was winning the war; under President Trump, they are losing the war, and fast. The mother of all bombs lifted off the top of a mountain, killing several top Taliban terrorists; a drone recently killed the Taliban’s No. 2 terrorist; A-10 Warthogs are strafing Taliban vehicles; and B-52 bombers are bombing their training, staging and truck/car-bomb assembly areas. President Trump is waging war on the Taliban and ISIS in the manner he said he would. ISIS has been defeated in Iraq and the Taliban, under President Trump’s winning strategy, will be defeated in Afghanistan. Thus, the Taliban’s plea to America’s lawmakers and the American people to stop Trump. The Taliban’s plea should and must fall on deaf ears. America’s safety depends on it.


State agency’s performance questions still unanswered

It is not a new phenomenon that the Georgia Legislature fails to appropriate all the funds designated for particular priorities, but instead dumps the collections into the general fund (“Hundreds of hazardous waste sites await cleanup in Georgia,” AJC, Feb. 7). Hazardous waste cleanup is receiving “less than half of the $14.5 million in fees the state collects on average for hazardous waste cleanup,” according to a Channel 2 Action News analysis quoted in the AJC. Yet Jeff Cown, land branch director for the state’s Environmental Protection Division, said his agency couldn’t responsibly spend more money on hazardous waste cleanup, if it had it, for the 36 of 528 sites on the cleanup list for which EPD is responsible. The story has a gaping hole: It should have asked, why could the state not clean up the hazardous waste sites if it had all the money due to the cleanup fund? The story leaves important questions unanswered.