Readers Write: Mar. 9

Socialist system won’t work in U.S.

The writer of “Stop stereotyping socialist systems” (Readers Write, Mar. 3) seems to believe that the “socialist system,” which is in place in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Netherlands, would work in the U.S. This is doubtful. First, the economies and populations of those countries combined is less than that of Texas or California. Second, Socialism isn’t working very well there anyway. Check out the budgets of any of them. Social welfare programs are unsustainable even for a population that is submissive. Put that kind of tax burden, and decrease in personal liberty in place here, and you would have a disaster. Unfortunately, we are up to a level of about 50 percent of the population that is “welfare dependent” in one way or another. We are in a battle for the heart and soul of what defines America.


Atlanta has to face the MARTA music

If Atlanta truly wants to be a major city and an attractive place to live, then it will have to face the reality of the necessity of public transit options. Having also lived in D.C., where the metro renders cars a luxury, I can tell you that the current MARTA setup is woefully inadequate for a city of this size. The continual argument against MARTA expansion is that everyone drives and will continue to do so, which is true. Those who already drive will continue to drive. But, we need to stop looking at the present and look to the future. Younger generations are being attracted to cities with public transit options where they don’t have to drive. The story is the same for Atlanta, Nashville, and all Southern cities: If you want your city to grow and remain relevant and innovative, you must improve public transit.