Readers Write: June 22

Budgets are reflections of priorities

When I read that our Forest Service is in line for a 73 percent cut in the administration’s budget for next year, it took me aback.

You also report that the defense spending is “popular” with voters. But voters should question our priorities. The Pentagon has their own, and wants an extra $54 billion over their $600 billion next year. One more nuclear submarine? A new fleet of nuclear weapons? And paid for by deep cuts in the kind of spending that makes Americans strong?

My priority is a budget that boosts opportunity, especially for those who struggle. My budget would fund on-the-job training, quality child care, farmers’ markets in food deserts, repairing roads and bridges, subsidies for solar panels, bike paths and passenger trains. My budget would reduce the dramatic inequality in this country and increase our pride and hope for the future. And yes, excellent maintenance of the Coconino National Forest, where my sister is camping this week, hiking among the glorious ponderosa pines, and taking in that fresh mountain air.

The proposed Pentagon budget, however, would prepare us for nuclear war. Is that really what we want?


What a difference a year makes

Flashback one year ago. Donald Trump said he might not accept the election results.

The liberals went crazy. Calling him everything they could think of — he was un-American, he was going against everything this country was built on. Now it is the Democrats going aganist the legally elected government. Protesting, rioting, doing everything they could to disrupt this country, including death threats to our president. Even Hillary Clinton said she was joining the “Resistance.” They have formed military-style organizations to beat up conservatives, wearing black masks to cover up their identities. They cannot admit they had a worse candidate than Trump. Is this really the type of people you want running our country?