A recent column by the AJC’s Bill Torpy on the front of the Metro section falsely referred to me as an “anti-immigration activist.” The widely known truth is that for the last 15 years I have proudly fought for sanity in immigration and enforcement of American immigration laws. That effort is easily and succinctly described as “pro-enforcement.”

For the record – yet again - I am not “anti-immigration” any more than the folks at Mothers Against Drunk Driving are “anti-driving.” Neither is my adopted sister, who is an immigrant.

In today’s media, the angry leftists who scream in American streets waving placards that literally demand an end of immigration enforcement are usually described as “civil rights” or “immigrant rights” groups. Never the obvious “anti-enforcement” groups.

A majority of Americans – including millions of immigrants - support honoring our rich tradition of immigration with the unapologetic enforcement of our very liberal immigration laws. The fact that media writers intentionally and deceptively depict us as being “anti-immigration” is an illustration of the inherent liberal bias and eagerness to smear honest Americans on the most critical issue of our time.

AJC writer Torpy seems to be “anti-accuracy.”


Hurricane’s toll shows need to fight global warming

The revelation that Hurricane Maria had a death toll twice that of Katrina is heartbreaking news, and symbolizes that we are not prepared for the storms of our rapidly warming world. As sea levels rise and oceans warm, scientists expect the intensity of storms to continue to worsen. Maria proved that we do not have the infrastructure (or political will) to keep our citizens safe in this changing world. However, we can avoid the worst effects of global warming if we quickly and drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The best first step is to put a fee on carbon pollution and return the fee to American households. This approach enjoys bipartisan support, and studies validate its economic and environmental benefits.