Walmart, Sam’s requiring masks beginning July 20

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Readers Write: June 29

Spending proves our priorities are off

Regardless of who you supported in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District race, can we agree that spending $50 million on a campaign for a district with fewer than 700,000 people illuminates how questionable our priorities have become?

We can spend $50 million to pit neighbor against neighbor, yet cut $200 million for nutritional programs for at-risk women, infants and children. We can propose adding $54 billion to our $600 billion military budget, which already represents higher spending than the next seven countries combined, yet put forth a health-care reform plan that will leave an additional 23 million Americans without any healthcare coverage at all.

As someone approaching retirement age, I can attest there are a lot of us out here who are terrified that the social safety net we have paid into our entire lives will be cut out from underneath us when we actually need it. When did we stop seeing that care for the common good is actually enlightened self-interest?


Make roads safer by obeying traffic laws

Traffic in Atlanta is a disaster. Because traffic laws are rarely enforced, people forget they are committing crimes when they impede traffic, change lanes without signaling, tailgate, pass on the right, cross solid white lines and drive more than five miles an hour over the speed limit.

We can make the roads safe for our families by following the rules. If you often find yourself weaving in and out of other cars, speeding in the right lane and running yellow lights to beat others in traffic, the problem isn’t every other driver on the road: it’s you.