Readers Write: Jan. 4

Pastor’s comments damaging, wrong

North Point Community Church pastor Andy Stanley seems to relish controversy (“Local megachurch pastor stirs controversy with comments,” Living, Dec. 29). His latest over-the-top statements downplay Jesus’ virgin birth, one of Christianity’s foundational doctrines. In contrast, Andy’s father, First Baptist pastor Rev. Charles Stanley, has explained the critical importance of the Biblical birth narrative: “The virgin birth — like Jesus’ resurrection from the dead — ranks as one of the Bible’s more amazing miracles. Many people reject the idea outright, while others shrug it off as nonessential to their understanding of the Savior. But a person can’t believe the Word of God while rejecting its claim that the Lord was born to a virgin … . Simply stated, rejecting the virgin birth is the equivalent of calling God a liar.” Andy Stanley’s regrettable comments are dissentious, damaging the cause of Christ.


Stanley points people to the truth

This letter is written in response to “Local megachurch pastor stirs controversy with comments,” Living, Dec. 29. Based on my experience, Andy Stanley is generally accurate. I am sure he knows his scripture and knows that Jesus said, “… I am the way, the truth, and the life … .” – John 14:6.

These are dark times around the world in which environmental, economic, political, and spiritual disruptions abound. If believers will just research suspicious claims, they will crack the dam of lies. Remember, Jesus also said, “… seek and ye shall find …” – Luke 11:9.

I wish to publicly thank Andy Stanley for his good instruction of my children. His sermons are wise, memorable and clear. If this controversy points people in the direction of actively seeking the truth, then harm is mitigated.