Look at Trump’s substance, not his style

I am a retired business owner, and I’ve heard enough criticism about President Trump. I did think he was a combination of Teddy Roosevelt, Gen. George Patton and Winston Churchill. Yes, he was a little rough around the edges, but he is the kind of president we need. The American people did not want another smooth-talking, do-nothing president. They wanted a president who would do their best to keep his/her promises and straighten this country out before it became a Third World, open-border socialist country. I’m 78 years old and remember the election of 1948 and all the others since. In my opinion, the only two decent presidents since 1948 were Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan. American voters need to pay attention to substance rather than form with President Trump. He has accomplished more in his short time in office than the previous six presidents combined.


Rejected voter now suspicious of system

I applied for an absentee ballot for the Dec. 4 election. The ballot arrived Nov. 29. I completed it and personally mailed at a post office before their outgoing mail deadline for the day. I just received a notice from Fulton County that my ballot was discarded because it arrived too late, on Dec. 10. The letter from the voter registration office was postmarked Dec. 18 and received Dec. 19. How is this possible? I fail to believe that a letter with extra postage would take 11 days to travel six miles while a letter from that same address to me would arrive in a day. Given all of the controversy over the handling of elections in Georgia, I am deeply suspicious – and disgusted.