Readers Write: Jan. 30

Arts industries should flourish

In the very near future we expect casinos in Atlanta, attracting big-name performers. Atlanta is a center for film, stage and recording production. I have set a goal to direct high school and even middle school students toward a career in the arts. Training these kids while in school can change lives. I challenge the school administrators and teachers to meet with industry professionals to make this a school priority.

The film, stage and music industries are growing with seemingly unlimited job opportunities. I see good things in store for Atlanta. I would like to see an effort by our elected officials and teachers to focus our young students, to direct them into careers as stagehands, studio mechanics and recording engineers. I welcome these young folks taking these jobs over, as I and many like me, prepare to retire.


Marchers must stop dividing nation

Many comments in the last week’s AJC by the women marchers were of the “what if” genre – reminding me of the Chicken Little story of my childhood. The sky is not falling. The country is still as Barack Obama left it — divided. Women, why not take the positive fork in the road? Why not gather to close the divide rather than marching to intensify it?

The campaign for president was ugly on both sides. It’s over. Now is the time to help, not hinder; coalesce rather than rip apart. To march and chant because of things which may happen is meaningless and dilutes an authentic cause. “What ifs” are a waste of time, energy and brain power, not to mention money. We must give our un-united nation time to become united once more.

Remember, Dr. King’s marches were based on genuine grievances, and his messages resonated from his heart and from reality.