Current experiences show border walls work

Many opponents of a border wall say, “Walls don’t work.” It is interesting they have to go back to World War II and the failure of the Maginot Line to find an example that supports their view. There have been many advances in technology during the seven decades since the 1940s, so let’s look at some recent examples. In 2010, Israel constructed a border fence, which has reduced illegal immigration to their country by 99 percent. When Hungary built a wall on their border with Serbia in 2016, illegal immigration dropped by 90 percent. Walls that use the latest technology and materials work. Our Congress voted to pay for all or part of the cost of these walls in other countries, so why have Democrats changed their minds and decided a wall will not work in the U.S.?


Conservative cartoonist draws false viewpoint

Each MLK holiday, we have to endure people twisting Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s words to suit a purpose he would likely oppose. In the Jan. 24 AJC, Michael Ramirez’s political cartoon (“From the right,” Opinion) pictured Dr. King saying, “I have a dream that our children will live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their hat, but by the content of their character.” Critics of the Covington, Ky., students did not focus on their MAGA hats; they focused on the poor character they demonstrated. Twisting Dr. King’s words to make his own point, Ramirez creates a false narrative and misuses Dr. King’s image. Ramirez’s work is not always this offensive, but it is nearly always unfunny. Please replace him with another right-wing cartoonist who is up to Mike Luckovich’s standards – one who can make both sides laugh.