Liberal Luckovich hits new, indecent low

I was shocked and disgusted to see Mike Luckovich’s cartoon of Tuesday (“For fun, we seated Trump next to Dana Carvey,” Opinion, Dec. 4). To use the passing of past-President George H.W. Bush to take a swipe at current President Trump was the lowest of the low. I didn’t think I could be shocked by any Luckovich cartoon as he has morphed into nothing more than a shock jock, but I was mistaken. This was a new, sick low for him to impose his hatred of President Trump at such a solemn moment. Obviously, Luckovich has lost all sense of taste and decorum, but the AJC should have known better than to publish this piece.


Eulogies of Bush 41 prove nation’s resilience

I was moved by the eulogies of President George H.W. Bush. That they were delivered by people with whom I have political disagreements matters not one whit. Nor is it relevant that Bush was not a flawless leader. What I heard were words such as these describing Bush: kind, humble, gracious, modest, civil, gentle, loving, graceful, caring and unselfish. When our current president passes, it is hard to imagine these same words being uttered with sincerity and honesty. There is nothing Trump can do to change this. He cannot deliver his own eulogy; he cannot accuse eulogizers of lying or cast what they say as fake news. Monday’s celebration of the 41st president, a rhetorical ritual binding us together, places the Trump presidency in perspective. It is a reminder that our nation is far more resilient and enduring than the actions of any one leader at one moment in history.