Readers write: Dec. 9

Mary Lin principal deserves support

Regarding “Mary Lin Elementary School principal resigns” (, Dec. 5), Mary Lin is a wonderful school, and I give much credit for that to its principal, Dr. Brian Mitchell. My daughter attended the school from kindergarten through fifth grade, and both she and I experienced Mary Lin School as well-organized and responsive to parent needs.

Towards the end of last year, I heard talk of a movement to try to get Dr. Mitchell fired, but I found the idea preposterous. When I followed up on why anyone would want such a thing, the main gripe seemed to be that he did not support an overnight trip that, to my mind, had little educational value. I hope that Atlanta Public Schools will fight to retain this talented leader. While I respect APS, I don’t think it has so many excellent administrators that it can afford to lose Dr. Mitchell. I also hope that parents at Mary Lin will rise to support a man who has done much for the education of their children.


Article shows bias on police shootings

Another article of AJC’s race-baiting anti-white bias: “Fixing our great gulf” (Opinion, Dec. 7). You can’t talk about this with facts that will show the number of black deaths by white officers is very low. The article does not consider that more crime is committed by blacks compared to other groups as a percentage of their population. It does not offer the statistics of whites killed by officers or blacks killed by blacks.

You can’t talk about King Obama’s failed policies and illegal actions, so let’s pull out his favorite card —race baiting — and redirect public awareness. This is why you lost the midterms, because your progressive ideas are running out of any legitimacy. Perception can be reality when intelligent people ignore the truth and fan the emotions of the biased. So tell us what crimes should police ignore for fear the criminal will resist arrest and get injured, and I’ll show you what crimes will increase.


Mosque plan raises Sharia law concern

I find this debate over the storefront mosque in Kennesaw confusingly interesting. The citizens have spoken, but have they spoken in a way that contradicts the First Amendment? All Americans should believe any house of worship of any faith has a right to exist in our country. However, I would like the Muslim community to be honest about Shariah law, because it cannot exist in our country. Period. The First Amendment states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Do proponents of Shariah law believe their laws should originate from the Quran and not our Congress? Or that Shariah law is of a higher order than our Congressional law? Please educate me on these issues, because if this true, then yes, I am “uneasy” with Shariah law.