Readers Write: Dec. 4

Investors of America deserve a break

Same ‘ol, same ‘ol, same ‘ol liberal posturing. Nicholas Kristof (“America, our billionaires desperately need your help,” Opinion, Nov. 23) pretends he doesn’t like wealthy people and pretends that wealthy people got rich at poor people’s expense. Someone somewhere took a gamble and had confidence in themselves to invest in our country that resulted in jobs for people like Kristof. The investors in America deserve a break or two as they pay the larger portion of taxes in our country where half the people pay none. If the billionaires left America to go to a country that welcomes capital and treats it well, we’d become a Third World country in short order. Liberal column writers need to encourage our young people to become a contributing part of our capital system instead of criticizing those who gainfully participate.


GOP tax plan will not lead to prosperity

With their tax gut for the rich, the GOP Congress is scaling up the Kansas Miracle. Soon all of America can experience broken schools, closed hospitals and crumbling roads. Now, when Kansas drastically cut taxes it did not lead to prosperity as promised, just the opposite in fact, but it will surely work on a nationwide basis. Magically, and bigly. Just the same as when the Iraq War paid for itself.

Remember, Donald Trump the candidate told us how smart he was for not paying taxes for nearly two decades, so if no one pays any taxes anymore then as a nation we’ll be brilliant! Gosh, sure do hope that somehow we can still afford those F-35’s that cost billions and nobody in the military actually wants.

Rome fell when it was overrun. Seems like we’re not going to wait for the visigoths, and we’re getting a jump on it ourselves. We’ve got initiative! Big League initiative.