Readers Write: Dec. 18

Europe ahead of us in treatment of wait staff

Unlike a self-service restaurant when we go for a sit-in dining, we have no choice but to be served our food. In Europe, especially France, the restaurants know this and the bill clearly says “service included.” A customer can leave any additional tip if he/she wishes to do so. In the U.S., however, the customer is expected to give a tip and it has increased from the customary 10 percent to minimum 15 and going up to even 50 percent.

It will be nice to catch up with the Europeans and include the price of service in the overall price of food in our restaurants.


Electoral College lets all 50 states have a voice

E.J. Dionne Jr. is wrong about Donald Trump’s election being a “minority victory” — totally wrong (“Disempowered majority’s patience won’t be unlimited,” Balanced Views, Dec. 9). Trump won with a majority, a majority of the Electoral College votes – the voting system that has made America great and has kept America from being a pure democracy. History is replete with the short lifespans of pure democracies (popular vote). America’s founders adopted the Electoral College for a wise reason; it allows voters in all 50 states today to have a voice in the election of their president – not just the voters in a few large states.

During the Constitutional Convention in 1787, the issue of large states (Virginia, New York) dominating the small states (Delaware, Connecticut) nearly kept the union from being formed. This division of large versus small states led to a compromise, the compromise that led to the use of the Electoral College, the system that elected Donald J. Trump president.


Trump’s comments on Russia reckless

President-elect Trump called the CIA’s assessment that Russia intervened in the U.S. presidential election to help his candidacy “ridiculous.” Trump summarily rejects the CIA’s assessment as some kind of political conspiracy?

Really? This is not a partisan issue. Republican Sens. Graham, McCain, McConnell, Paul, Lankford, and Collins thus far have sounded rejected Trump’s dismissive remarks.

We need congressional Republican leadership to balance out the reckless instability and paranoia of our President-elect.


Democrats will continue to dig deeper hole

The truth of the failure of the Democratic Party to win the presidency is becoming more evident on a daily basis and it’s quite pathetic. The loss can be contributed directly to the leadership of the DNC (Debbie Wassermann Schultz and Donna Brazile) and was an absolute disaster from Bernie to passing questions on to Hillary Clinton for the debates.

The party also took Donald Trump for a joke while America saw a man that seriously wanted to make America great again and that struck a note with the working class — be they Republican or Democrat.

Hillary went so far with her false narratives that she chose to overlook what had been democratic strongholds — the Rust Belt, or what’s commonly referred to as the blue wall.

The rest of part 1 is history. Trump is the president-elect and Hillary failed once again. Part 2 is continued failure as a result of not accepting the fact that the party lost because of its deeds, and now they are pulling out all stops and digging themselves an even-deeper hole for recovery in 2018 and beyond.

Let’s see, failed recounts, failed Russian interference and now a failure developing to overturn the vote count for the electoral college and an effort to disrupt the inauguration — way to go Dems and good luck with your continued failure of your brand of politics.


‘Dreamer’ critics fails to recognize privilege

A recent letter-writer (“‘Dreamers’ shouldn’t profit from law-breaking,” Readers Write, Dec. 13) asks “why should the children of illegal immigrants benefit and profit from their parents’ illegal acts?” Bravo letter writer. Following your logic, you certainly must acknowledge your own white privilege. Why should you benefit from ancestors who were slaveowners or who received preferential banking services or an education in a school that was not available to people of color? Is it time to renounce your illegal or immorally gained advantages? Or is it time to admit that we are all dreamers? Dreaming of a better life, a peaceful world, and better understanding of each other.


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