Readers Write: Aug. 1

Lee’s ouster illustrates we are fed up

Politicos local and national had better look closely at the upset election of inexperienced and little-known Mike Boyce in last week’s runoff. The electorate which turned out the incumbent did so not because of his bringing the Atlanta Braves to Cobb, but because of the way he did it.

As a Cobb resident, I noticed scores of “Boyce ” signs in lawns of private homes but nearly none for “Lee” — his were at commercial properties. Yes the Braves will be good for business. But is that really why we elected our officials?

Americans of all stripes are tired of our elected officials’ patronizing and elitist attitude that they know better what we need than the voters themselves. There are dozens of problems — from roads to water service, schools and zoning — that county officials need to address. If they want to get into the real estate or business promotion sector — and spend $400 million — they had better ask.


POTUS race is a very unfunny comedy

All the comedy involved in this year’s presidential campaigns reminded me of the old TV show “The Smothers Brothers” who were censored by CBS for their biting, political commentary. For those old enough to remember, you should also remember the “mock” presidential campaign they ran on their show.

The mock presidential candidate was a comedienne named Pat Paulsen. Paulsen would have a field day with our two presidential candidates in this election. Unfortunately, this isn’t TV. And it isn’t funny! Sad, but true.