Readers Write: Aug. 27

Nazis should slink back to their caves

Just as it is anathema to yell out “fire!” in a public area, so should it be in the wearing of the swastika, the emblem symbolizing the greatest evil ever perpetrated by mankind. Free speech proponents naively cite the First Amendment, as if our forefathers would tolerate any and all displays of inciteful expression that in all probability would result in endangering the citizenry. Unfortunately, we do permit it, so I suggest the following: treat these vermin accordingly by boycotting their rallies. No media as well. Let the metropolitan police forces maintain order amongst the rabble; let them march chanting their filthy slogans, unheard by other than themselves. It won’t take long for them to slink back to their caves, thoroughly frustrated.


Vaughn on target about statues

Lyn Vaughn was on target in her guest column (“Leave Confederacy’s old monuments alone,” Opinion, Aug. 19) when she defined and elaborated on the controversial problem of items related to the Confederacy. She clearly defined the problem when she quoted a statement made by Queen Elizabeth in the 16th century, i.e., “The past cannot be cured” and the statement attributed to philosopher George Santayana who said “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” She is also right when she discusses the use of the “N” word. I have personally heard that word being used by more black folks than whites. Her reference to the essence of the age-old statement “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me,” also rang true. In my 24 years in the army I served with, for, and over black men and never encountered any derogatory use of the word. It is time for the folks in our country (black, white, whatever) to come together for the good of the nation and quit dwelling on harmless monuments, street names, etc.


MARTA should add trains for large events

As MARTA is trying to improve service and increase ridership through fresh food stalls at MARTA stations, I wonder if MARTA has considered reducing the wait time at train stations. I have been to numerous events using MARTA (concerts, sports events) and at no time were there additional trains running before or after these events, which were attended by large crowds. Recently, I took MARTA from East Lake to North Avenue for an ATL United game, which was attended by a crowd of 45,000. One would think that would be enough to trigger the service of an extra train or two. On the way home, I waited 10 minutes at the North Avenue station for the southbound train to Five Points. At Five Points station, I waited another 30 minutes for the eastbound train, making it a nearly one-hour trip to go roughly five miles! In order to attract more riders, I’d suggest to begin increasing the number of trains during large events and add a few more during rush hour as well. Once word spreads, more people may be inclined to take MARTA.


Let the racists shout at no one

The whole purpose of having a rally is to attract attention. The neo-Nazis, KKK, ultra conservatives and other alt-right groups want to spread their message of hate and develop converts to their cause.

So what if no one came? No media to cover their event, no protesters to shout down, no innocents to run over with their cars. They would stand in the middle of the park, spout obscenities through their bullhorn and then go home. If a tree falls and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Why waste your time and breath trying to argue with an ignorant racist? Let them shout at no one. When the crowds of protesters and throngs of media are no longer there to lend an ear to their voice, there won’t be a need to hold any more rallies. Let them go back to the holes they crawled out of.


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