Readers write, April 16


God’s plan would have

us be loving to others

I keep reading that people say God instituted the state of marriage between a man and a woman. I believe in God. I’ve never seen God. I’ve never heard or felt God (that I know of). I have a sense that there is something greater than all of us as a human race. To me, that is who God is.

That being said, how can anyone say that God instituted marriage as being between a man and a woman? Did these people who say these things see God and hear God say this about heterosexual marriage?

The Bible was written by humans and has been interpreted differently over the ages. No one knows for sure what God’s plan is, except that God wants us to treat each other with respect and love. When two people love each other — whether it be a man and a woman or a man and a man or a woman and a woman — can anyone say with any certainty that this is or is not God’s plan? Homosexual couples have successfully raised children for years now.

Homosexual couples should be treated the same as heterosexual couples. Its only right in the eyes of God.



Thatcher piece brings

balance to coverage

Once again, Mona Charen has hit the nail squarely on the head (“The least interesting fact about Margaret Thatcher,” Opinion, April 10).

Her commentary concerning Margaret Thatcher should be an inspiration to men and women alike. I continue to tell friends who have stopped taking the AJC (for past liberal bias) that Balanced Views is what every newspaper in the nation should adhere to. So, thank you, AJC, for your journalistic integrity.



Latest fatalities show

risks of dark streets

In the span of several weeks, two Atlanta-area bicyclists have been killed by automobiles. This is truly a shame for everyone involved. As cruel as it may sound, why in the world are people who ride their bikes on dark streets surprised by such incidents? I know it’s their right to engage in this activity, but the obvious danger reminds one of a basic tenet taught to us by our parents: There can be unpleasant consequences for risky behavior.



Sales tax hike means

widespread hardship

Regarding “Dump state income tax? Be careful what you wish” (Opinion, April 10), the picture drawn by Jay Bookman of the negative results of replacing state income tax with a heavier sales tax, and the fascination of Georgia legislators with this idea, reinforces the notion that the Republicans in the Legislature have feathers for brains. It also shows that they have no concept of the needs of “the other half” and the effects such a shift in costs would mean to those in low-paying jobs or worse still, on welfare.

The frenzy over no new taxes seems to demonstrate that legislators are convinced government should run on a diet of sawdust, or on air.