Violent religious intolerance not only an ISIS tenet

Having studied many different religions worldwide, I became curious. Is there any religion that is not guilty of premeditated murder of non-believers? I know ISIS is the most recent incarnation of religious intolerance. But historically, aren’t all major religions guilty of such violence somewhere in their pasts? I’ve always been amazed by anyone that justifies their violence as an act of religion. Much less, going to war!


Pols should be honest about deficit spending

Every time our political leaders casually talk about “raising the debt limit,” what they are really saying is, “Let’s put it on our grandkids’ credit cards,” because they are the ones who will have to pay it off. Of course, by that time, I will be long dead, which is just as well because when they will be asking, “Why did you do this to us?” I don’t have an answer that makes sense even to me, much less to them. I just wish we would be honest about what we are doing.


Fact-checking should guide voters this year

Although so far there is no proof that Russian meddling in the 2016 election changed the outcome, there is also no proof that it didn’t change the results. With all the false social media – Facebook, Twitter and rallies organized by Russian trolls targeting swing states for Trump – it’s hard to imagine people didn’t change their votes or didn’t vote at all. As we get closer to the 2018 elections, voters need to fact-check anything they see or read on social media or even news organizations. Do your homework and fully understand all sides of the issues with an open mind and make sure to vote – especially you young ones who have in the past been turned off by our present political system and leaders. Take a cue from our high school students who are pressing for change, because they know their future is at stake.


Anti-white school rant should have consequences

A Hampton middle school teacher went on an anti-white, racist rant in her classroom. A horrified and frightened 12-year-old student recorded the episode and told her mother, who disclosed it to the media. The teacher needs to be fired. Any sort of racism must not be tolerated, especially to young impressionable minds. If a white teacher did the same against African-American students, they would be immediately fired. There would be no “out of context” wiggle room. It’s more global embarrassment for the state of Georgia, like the recent cyberattack that shut down city government computer systems; the Atlanta school cheating scandal, which sent teachers and administrators to prison; and recurring public sector corruption and ineptness. Politicians expect Amazon to land in Georgia? Good luck.


Proactive boards, not feds, will prevent school shootings

Regarding “Shootings require complex solutions” (News, April 6), the Atlanta School Board is considering a school safety resolution. The board calls for more money for security, counseling and so forth. I agree with the board that any shooting event is caused by complex causes that require complex solutions. The board demands comprehensive action from the federal government and more federal money to solve this complex problem. The board, along with many students who have expressed concern, has completely missed the point. More federal dollars will not solve the problem. Neither will gun control. In the Parkland, Florida, situation, the school system, law enforcement and FBI all knew about the shooter and did nothing. More federal dollars would not have prevented this unfortunate event. School boards need to be proactive and have plans in place to help prevent catastrophic events. Communities should do everything possible at the local level before looking to the federal government to solve the problem for them.