Liberal Luckovich has no perspective or perception

In response to the editorial cartoon “Spineless” (Opinion, April 12), does Mike Luckovich have no sense of perspective? Despite legitimate differences of political viewpoints, Republicans and Democrats alike acknowledge the standards of ethics and honesty that characterize Paul Ryan. Not Luckovich. Any views different from those of Cartooner Mike are worthy of ridicule and derision. If Ryan is a jellyfish, then Luckovich is an arsonist, setting fires to enjoy the smoke and destruction.


Trump’s academic record demands scrutiny

The AJC, Washington Post and New York Times have all done very commendable work covering the histrionics and chaos precipitated by President Donald Trump’s behavior, actions and words. One wonders, however, why no one has dug into his academic history. How did he manage to graduate from such a distinguished institution as my beloved University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School? One wonders, given his typical “M.O.,” if he didn’t employ ghost writers and test takers. It is known that he did spend a great deal of time on a golf course near the university. Given his limited vocabulary and lack of understanding of our laws and history, how on earth could he have done college on his own?


Ga. deserves leaders who respect rule of law

After the Justice Department served a lawful warrant on Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump said it was an “attack on our country in a true sense.” This perpetuates a pattern of demanding personal loyalty from law enforcement while attacking patriotic civil servants for doing their jobs. This unprecedentedly brazen abdication of leadership and abuse of office for personal ends threatens our republic. Congress is a co-equal branch of government, and every member thereof has an obligation they swore to upon taking office to fix this. Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley reacted by saying “it would be suicide for the president to fire” (Special Counsel Robert) Mueller. Disappointingly, Sen. Johnny Isakson and Rep. Barry Loudermilk have refused to take a position. Sen. David Perdue’s office has failed to even pick up the phone for comment. Georgians deserve leaders who respect the rule of law enough to at least have an opinion on it.


AJC’s liberal bias clear in census story

The U.S. Census needs to count our citizens and non-citizens, so the citizenship question must be asked. The lunatic Truth-o-meter piece, “Census Bureau often asks about citizenship; census hasn’t” (Metro, April 14), illustrates the AJC’s reflexive progressive prejudice, advocating that the census fail to count citizens for the purpose of political correctness. Apparently, the AJC advocates that asking residents if they belong here is offensive. The AJC’s perpetual progressive bias, pushing big government and Democratic politics as the path to social justice, is simply blind. Therefore, it’s ignorant. There’s no truth at the AJC, nor any common sense, just a knee-jerk obeisance to the leftist, statist, progressive model, though that model has failed everywhere, punishing particularly the poor and weak.


Detractors fail to see MLK’s courage, achievements

A reader wrote to decry the extensive coverage of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. (“MLK wasn’t worthy of recent recognition,” Readers Write, April 12), saying Dr. King was only a local activist who organized marches and nothing very special at all. Dr. King was murdered, and before that, he was hounded by the very agencies charged with protecting him because he quite eloquently dragged the ugly truths about our deplorable treatment of black people, at that time and before, into the clear unwavering light of day. But some, like the writer above, say nothing Dr. King had to say or show is worthy of notice because he was a womanizer. Does that detract one bit from Dr. King’s “Letter from the Birmingham Jail” or his “I Have a Dream” speech? Does that compromise the courage it took to link arms and walk down a street?