Reader’s Write: June 30

Some seem to want another Crusades

Jim Galloway’s column “At the Fox, religious right sticks with Donald Trump” on June 16 demonstrates wisdom, foresight, and openness; and it challenges the divisiveness that Trump and his evangelical supporters present to our religious pluralism. Similarly, his column “Last good deed from Muhammad Ali” on June 9 complimented Ali’s legacy for mitigating the rampant Islamophobic environment. People of goodwill, especially Muslims, must deeply appreciate these narratives.

Georgia’s evangelicals (though not all) endorse Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric. While Trump has made ignorance respectable, for Reverend Lee he is “divinely ordered to lead this nation.” Apocalyptic Reed mentions the choice between mullahs and ‘protection of Israel, United States, and Western civilization.’ Jim speculates correctly, “One wonders if this is how the Crusades began.” Crusades were, indeed, launched to annihilate Muslims, Jews, and all heathens and to “universalize” Christianity; evangelicals seem to wish that history repeated.

Incidentally, Trump’s recent rally took place in Atlanta’s Fox Theater, whose architecture is a reminder of Islamic legacy. What a delicious irony.


Brexit’s message is lost on Obama

It was interesting to note that the two major reasons cited for Great Britain’s exit from the European Union were 1) loss of governmental control as many decisions were made for England in Brussels, and 2) the inability to control immigration to minimize the growing risk to terror. Too bad that message is lost on our president, as he prefers executive action over working with Congress, and the accelerated immigration of Syrian refugees.