OpinionSpecial editor’s letter to readers

Dear Readers: Today’s AJC debuts conservative columnist Michelle Malkin on our pages. Her column will appear on Thursdays, replacing Kathleen Parker in the From the Right columnist lineup.

We believe you will find Malkin’s writing to be solidly conservative. This, even as she provides surprises at times that are intended to make readers think – a trait commonly found among good opinion writers of any political persuasion, we believe. Malkin, for example, manages to be both a reliable supporter of President Donald Trump in most instances while also being a passionate proponent of criminal justice reform, a movement that’s found bipartisan favor in recent years, including with Georgia’s conservative GOP Gov. Nathan Deal.

The addition of Malkin’s column here is another example of our ongoing work to present a regular lineup of opinion writers who represent some of the best thinking in both conservative and liberal ranks.

We work hard to provide both conservative and liberal voices each day because we listen to what you, our readers, regularly tell us – that we live in a place with broad ideological diversity and range of opinion on issues of the day. We want our opinion marketplace of ideas to reflect that breadth among writers both left and right.

Our opinion lineup – and periodic adjustments to it — is a direct result of what you’ve told us is important to you. Thanks for reading, and for your support of the AJC.

Andre Jackson

Editorial Editor

About columnist Michelle Malkin:

Michelle Malkin is a conservative blogger, syndicated columnist, author and Fox News Channel contributor. Malkin has written four books. She lives with her husband and two children in Colorado.