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Today’s moderator: Maureen Downey

Maureen Downey has written about local, state and federal education policy at the AJC for 12 years. She’s also taught college classes in mass communications and journalism. However, she’s learned more about schools from having four children in them.

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Today, we take up a recurring controversy in education, retention vs. social promotion, and a new one, the Common Core State Standards. A University of Georgia professor examines the fealty to retention in our schools despite a deep body of evidence that holding students back does not improve academic outcomes. And a civic leader questions the state’s decision to abandon a collective effort of 22 states to create new tests built around Common Core due to cost, contending that the investment is worth making. Readers take up the retention question, showing why the issue remains one mired in debate.

Guest columnists:

Reform of student retention needed by Amy Reschly