Frenetic world makes holiday sweeter

Andre Jackson, for the Editorial Board.

Another Labor Day weekend has roared up; one more checkpoint in a year that seems more eventful than most. That seems true even when factoring in the usual, extra hubbub and clangor of an election year.

A holiday intended to honor the dignity of work, and which grants an extra Monday day of rest to most all who labor, certainly has its place. Most all of us welcome the time off to pursue whatever manner of R&R we deem fit.

Given that the ways and events of the world nevertheless have a way of finding their way through the smallest cracks and into our awareness, no matter how hard we may try to relax, we thought it was worthwhile once more to look back at the Atlanta, and Georgia, of 25 and 50 years ago.

Specifics have changed, but broad themes of the news have not. War has shifted from Southeast Asia to the Middle East. Worries over “Red” communism have segued into fears of terrorism.

The ongoing struggle of race relations, then and now, still worries people of goodwill, even in a world much improved across a half century. Those who appeal to fears with musings about somehow turning back time make as seductive — and futile — an argument as ever. And transportation solutions for a growing Atlanta remain a sticky wicket.

The good news is that well-meaning people still trudge onward to face challenges of the day, doing the best they can. Over time, that usually yields positive results.

Looking back shows that slog is never-ending work. Which makes holidays like Labor Day a vital part of the American rhythm. We’ve worked hard for this weekend’s break.