NW Georgia Ghostface Gangsters inmates charged in jail assault

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What is the "Ghost Face" Gang? Ghost Face Gangsters is a prison-based gang that has been in Georgia nearly 20 years. In recent weeks, at least 3 incidents have been connected to suspected members of the gang, including a deadly prison break in June that left 2 corrections officers dead. According to the Anti-Defamation League, there are at least 100 white supremacist prison gangs operating in the U.S Georgia is home to at least three, including the Ghost Face Gangsters. The most recent incident involves

Seven Floyd County inmates have been charged with physically assaulting another inmate in the jail in December.

All seven, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, are members of the Ghostface Gangsters criminal street gang.

During the investigation, one of the inmates under investigation threatened the life of the victim, resulting in additional charges.

Arrested were Scotty Joel Venable, 38; Toby Keith Johnson, 25; Michael John Helterbrand, 26; Griffin Thomas Henson, 21; Steven Maxwell Gilbert, 38; Adam Corey Master, 34; and Joshua Michael Pointer, 32.

All have been charged with various aggravated sexual battery, terroristic threats and criminal street gang participation charges.