If you want to stretch $100, move to Mississippi

Basically, the bureau crunched the numbers by comparing the national average of things like food and transportation in each state.

For example, if you live in South Dakota, $100 will buy you items that cost $114.16 in a state closer to the national average. So South Dakotans have about 14 percent more than their income suggests. (Video via South Dakota Department of Tourism)

Washington, D.C., tops the list as most expensive with Hawaii and New York rounding out the top three. No surprises there. (Video via Expedia)

But head to Mississippi, and you'll be able to squeeze $15 more out of your Benjamins. Arkansas and South Dakota are right behind the Magnolia State with at least $114 each. (Video Mississippi Tourism)

There is good news if you live in those more expensive states: Higher costs of living usually come with higher-paying jobs.