71-year-old woman told only one room available for her, 35 year-old-stranger after missed flight

Airline Says 71-Year-Old Woman, 35-Year-Old-Stranger Must Share Hotel Room After Missed Flight

A woman traveling on Air Canada had quite a surprise when she found out she had missed her flight.

Elizabeth Coffi Tabu was in Ottawa visiting her daughter for a month but was scheduled to head back home to Paris on July 19, CNN reported.

She had missed her connecting flight, as did another passenger, a 35-year-old man, whom she did not know.

Both were told they were going to have to spend an extra night in Montreal.

The problem was, CNN reported, Air Canada had access to only one room. Despite Coffi Tabu telling the airline's agent, "I don't know this man. We are not a couple," according to Coffi Tabu's daughter, Jerryne Mahele Nyota, when the two got to the hotel, they were told there was only one bed in the room.

The man offered to sleep on the couch.

"He was a perfect gentleman. But I obviously felt uncomfortable with my mom spending a night with a man half her age, a man that's a total stranger," Mahele Nyota told CNN.

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Eventually, Mahele Nyota was able to get in touch with her mother and found out what had happened. Three hours after the two strangers arrived at the hotel, Coffi Tabu was able to get her own room at another hotel, CNN reported.

Mahele Nyota had to drive from her home in Ottawa to Montreal, about 125 miles, to get her mother for Coffi Tabu's flight to Paris.

Coffi Tabu was given two $10 food vouchers and a preferred seat with extra legroom for her troubles, CNN reported.

She landed in Paris about 24 hours after her original planned arrival.