15-year-old plays the blues at the White House

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He is a 15-year-old Blues Phenom and he goes by the nickname "Kingfish".   

Big things are happening for the Kingfish.  

15-year-old Christone Kingfish Ingram has played at the White House and met first lady Michelle Obama.

"No words can describe it was the same feeling I got when I met B.B. no words can describe it. B.B. King no words can describe it man," said Ingram.

He has played guitar, drums or bass since he was 5 but credits his parents for signing him up for classes at Clarksdales Delta Blues Museum for really teaching him how to play.

He started playing gigs in 7th grade.

"There was no place I probably wouldn't be gigging...I got hooked. This is what I am going to be playing for the rest of my life," Ingram said.

Later this month the Kingfish tours France.

"I am very excited about that trip; ecstatic about it," Ingram said with a smile. "The morning I found out about it I was like really?" 

His goal is to have a at least two albums out by the time he is 20.