16-year-old's 'Naughty Girls' donut shop raises concerns

Naughty Girls donut shop

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Naughty Girls donut shop

Girl says she won't close
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The shop is in a mall, and features servers dressed in 1950’s clothing they call “rockabilly.”

Tiana Ramos says her store also boasts pictures of pinup stars Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page.

Now Ramos' mother Natalie says her daughters business has come under fire from people in the area who “were saying that the shop represents sluts, and anyone who works there is promiscuous.”

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Natalie told NYDaily.com just a few days after the shop opened people "drove past and threw garbage at the door."

"They literally threw trash at the door and said, 'Naughty Girls burn in hell,'" Natalie continued. "I started bawling, right there."

Some townspeople say the shop's logo, which shows a tail, brings Satanism to mind. But Tiana says she opened the shop for people who were bullied or felt out of place.

She says she hoped to give them “a place they could feel comfortable.”

“I wish they would actually get to know me because I’m not the person they think I am,” she said. “Okay, I have tattoos, and I don’t dress like the good kid that goes to church every Sunday, but I’m a good person.”

Tiana says her store is staying open even though she won a full scholarship to the Culinary Institute of America.

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