6-year-old accidentally orders cookies, dollhouse from Amazon Alexa

A Christmas gift from a woman's in-laws led to some pricey purchases by a 6-year old girl.

Fox News reported that Megan Neitzel, of Dallas, Texas, ended up paying for cookies and a toy her daughter accidentally ordered from Amazon's Echo Dot by talking to Alexa, the device's voice service.

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Neitzel was surprised when she got a confirmation email from Amazon about a dollhouse and cookies that had been ordered. She did not have the Amazon Echo set up for very long before getting the email.

When she asked her daughter, Brooke, about the items, her daughter was relatively coy but did say she asked Alexa about the items.

It seems that Alexa heard the items mentioned and interpreted them as orders, which were then placed on Amazon.

Although Brooke only mentioned a dollhouse and cookies and no particular brand name, Fox News reported that Alexa apparently has expensive tastes.

"It was a $170 KidKraft dollhouse and 64 ounces -- four pounds -- of cookies," Neitzel told Fox News.

Neitzel said her family is looking for a charity to donate the dollhouse to, but they've been enjoying the cookies. She's telling her children to be cautious when talking around Alexa.

"I (feel) like whispering in the kitchen," she said. "I tell my kids Alexa is a very good listener."

Neitzel has set up parental controls on the device with a four-digit pass code to prevent accidental orders in the future.