Worse than Trump? U of Alabama sorority video under fire

A sorority recruiting video has gone viral, and at the same time come under fire for how it portrays college and Greek life.

The Alpha Phi chapter at the University of Alabama's video, which had 500,000 views in its first week of posting, has been pulled, but snippets can still be found online on sites like The Daily Mail.


A guest opinion piece, posted to al.com, claimed the video was "worse for women than Donald Trump," citing images of sorority sisters wearing bikinis and blowing glitter that "sell beauty, sexuality, and a specific look."

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The writer, identified as A.L. Bailey, called the video, with bouncing bodies, hand-holding, and no diversity, "Stepford Wives: College Edition," and disempowering of women, not focused on recruiting smart young women starting their college careers.  Rather, the members are marketing to "hormonal college-aged guys."

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Online reaction to the piece argued that the video was not supposed to be taken seriously and was intended to be lighthearted, while others agreed with Bailey's assessment of the clip, the "Today" show reported.

Alpha Phi is the fourth oldest sorority in the country. The national chapter did not respond to requests for comment from NBC News.

The University of Alabama added 2,261 women to its Greek system Saturday, possibly the largest pledge class in the nation and a record for the college, al.com reported.