Woman cut with razor blade embedded in Walmart cart handle

Woman Cut With Razor Blade Embedded In Walmart Cart Handle

A woman in Missouri had to undergo blood tests after she was cut by a razor blade embedded in a shopping cart handle at her local Walmart.

It happened Sunday. Michelle Patterson said she was using an antibacterial wipe on the handle when she was pricked on her finger by the blade, KTVI reported.

The cut drew blood so she went to her doctor, who took blood to test. She told KTVI that she'll have to go through the test again in six months.

Store officials at the Festus, Missouri, Walmart have examined all of the carts and are doing what they said were regular checks. They're also looking at surveillance footage to see if they can find who planted the blade, KTVI reported.

Patterson said that while she was hurt, it could have been worse since a lady who was next to grab a cart had a child.