Woman claims she was attacked by bed bugs on medical transportation van

Deborah Love is disabled and said a medical transportation service in Tennessee is her only way to the doctor's office.
“When the van picked me up as soon as the doors opened I was like ‘Oh my gosh,’” Love said.
Love took pictures while on the van, owned by Tennessee Carriers.

 “After a ride of approximately 15 minutes from my address to my doctor’s appointment, when I arrived my back was all hived up and my doctor stated when I showed him that I had been eaten by bed bugs or something while on the van,” Love said.
The owner of Tennessee Carriers was not in town, but told WHBQ over the phone that it was the company’s fault. He said the van was supposed to be out of service until new seats were put in. But that wasn't communicated to the driver. Bed bugs weren’t found when the vehicle was inspected, but the owner said he's appalled by the report, and wants her bites treated and taken care of.
“I have no other way to get to the doctor. I have no other way to get my medications. And for me to have to ride in those conditions is truly not right. It's not right,” Love said.