Woman bypasses airport security with no ID, cites faith

A Kentucky woman was able to board a plane without proper credentials when she cited her faith and name as identification.

WZTV reported that Naja Eva Haynes claimed "my name and faith is my ID," when officers arrived after she repeatedly refused to offer identification once she was on the plane.

An affidavit said Haynes, 24, drove to Nashville International Airport March 24 and entered the terminal.

She went through the TSA security checkpoint without being screened, and "she then went to gate B5, got in a Delta Airlines plane without proper ID and occupied a seat in the rear," the affidavit said.

CNN reported that a gate agent requested ID and she refused to provide it, and did so again when police arrived.

The affidavit said Haynes was handcuffed and forcibly removed from the plane.

Delta Air Lines spokesman Morgan Durrant said Flight 1173 from Nashville to Atlanta was not boarding when Haynes rushed past gate agents. It had come back to the airport to let passengers off the plane when Atlanta thunderstorms delayed the flight.

"TSA officials at Nashville International Airport immediately initiated an inquiry into the incident," TSA said  in a statement. " An employee was placed on non-screening duty pending final determination of the inquiry, but has since resigned. TSA is taking this incident seriously and will retrain employees as necessary to ensure compliance with standard operating procedures."