Who was Shannon Lamb, suspected killer in Delta State University shooting?

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Shannon Lamb, the man suspected of killing a woman he lived with and a professor he worked with at Mississippi's Delta State University, is dead, The Clarion-Ledger reports. Law enforcement sources said he shot himself Monday after fleeing on foot from Greenville police during a traffic stop, according to the report.

Here's what we know about Lamb, 45:

1. Police say he killed Amy Prentiss, 41, and Ethan Schmidt, 39. According to The Associated Press, Prentiss, who lived with Lamb in Gautier, was found dead in the couple's home Monday. WAFF reports that she was "romantically involved" with Lamb.

Schmidt, a history professor at Delta State, was fatally shot in his campus office in Cleveland – 300 miles from Gautier – on Monday.

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2. Police have not released a motive for the killings. "Right now we have no motive, and we're not going to speculate on a motive until we have facts in hand," Cleveland Police Chief Charles Bingham said, according to a CNN report.

3. Lamb had told police he would not be going to prison. In a news conference during Monday's manhunt for Lamb, officers said, "He's made the statement that he's not going to jail." Police did not specify when they had spoken to Lamb.

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4. He also was a professor at Delta State. He reportedly taught geography and social-science education courses at the college, where he began working in 2009, the AP reports. This semester, he was teaching two online classes, Delta State officials told the AP

Lamb previously worked at Mississippi Valley State University, Riverside High School in Avon, Murrah High School in Jackson and Greenville-Weston High School in Greenville, WMC reports.

Lamb recently received a Doctor of Education from Delta State, where he also earned his bachelor's and master's degrees.

5. Lamb's friends and acquaintances were shocked by the news that he was a suspect in the case. "I couldn't even imagine what would be going through his head to cause something like this," friend Eddie Dixon told WMC. "Whatever it was, it had to be very drastic."

Delta State student Noah York told WMC that he met Lamb, who played guitar and harmonica, last year at a party. "He was a cool dude. I mean, you never would have thought anything like this would happen," York said, according to CNN.