White lawyer angrily confronts police over detainment of black man

A routine police stop in a Washington, D.C., neighborhood has gone viral, thanks to one outspoken woman.

According to the Washington Post, police were responding to a burglary alarm call in the upscale Foxhall Crescent neighborhood. They saw a black man carrying bags and stopped him. They detained him by making him sit on the curb while they continued their investigation.

That’s when lawyer Jody Westby steps in to straighten things out.

Westby questions why they are detaining the man and where the burglary call came from. It turned out that the police were on the wrong block. When one of the officers claims the black man was stopped because he seemed suspicious and now he was getting boisterous, Westby identifies the man as a handyman who has worked in the neighborhood for 30 years.

Westby reportedly told police, “Just because he’s black, doesn’t mean he’s here to rob a house.”

Westby then takes the man’s hand and leads him away from police, despite their protests that he remain on the scene. Westby then declares that she’s a lawyer and they have no reason to detain him. Westby tells the cops to please leave the neighborhood.

The police relented and left. A police spokesperson told the Washington Post that there was no misconduct by officers during the incident.