Which Florida city is No. 1 place to retire?

WalletHub compared 150 largest U.S. cities using four key factors -- affordability, amount of activities, quality of life and health care.

"With cost being a significant factor in retirement, our analysis assumes retirees will rely on a fixed income. The lower their expenses, the better retirees will fare in a particular city," according to WalletHub.

Tampa ranked No. 1 on the list, with Cape Coral at No. 4, Orlando at No. 5 and Port St. Lucie at No. 8.

Ranking in the top 50 cities to retire, St. Petersburg made the cut at No. 11, Pembroke Pines at No. 15, Fort Lauderdale at No. 40, Miami at No. 47 and Jacksonville at No. 50.

Florida also dominated the list for having the most fishing facilities per capita -- with Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Miami and Cape Coral in the top five.

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