What to read now: South Carolina’s 1,000 year flood and 4 other smart takes

Here's what's trending today

  • Donald Trump as a strange fish: Donald Trump may be the front-runner for the GOP nomination, with his name known around the world, but it's not a name that's always beloved. Trump's ventures both in the United States and in foreign countries haven't always been welcomed or wanted.
  • Biden's dying son's wish: According to a story from Politico,, it was Vice President Joe Biden who told a reporter that his son Beau's dying wish was that he take one more run at the White House. Speculation over who told New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd that Biden could be considering a run for president in 2016 had run rampant since a column  suggested Biden might consider getting into the race. According  to the Politico story, Beau Biden urged his father to run because "the country would be better off with Biden values."
  • Oregon gunman's mental health issues: The mother of the man who shot and killed nine at an Oregon college last week had, for years, bragged that she kept numerous firearms in her home and was proud of her son's interest in the weapons. In a story from the New York Times, Laurel Harper expressed pride in her knowledge about the guns.
  • Pancakes for dinner: McDonald's all-day breakfast menu launched on Tuesday, and while most of the burger chain's morning favorites are on the menu, there is a glaring omission. We can't get hash browns after 10:30 a.m. Some on social media are taking offense, others have begun the lobby to include the tasty side in the expanded menu.
  • Helping a hero: A GoFundMe page  set up to help an Army veteran who risked his life to save his classmates in last week's shooting on an Oregon college campus has raised almost $800,000. Chris Mintz, 30, was shot seven times trying to block the shooter, xxxxx, from entering the door of a classroom at Umpqua Community College. The GoFundMe page was set up on the day of the shooting and the amont donated has been growing steadily.