Wendy's refuses to serve uniformed officer, police say

The Wendy's fast-food chain is investigating after a police officer in Texas said he was refused service while he was in his uniform, the company wrote Thursday on Twitter.

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The Fort Worth Police Department took to Twitter on Thursday to ask Wendy's why its employees refused to take the order of a uniformed officer who went into one of the restaurants on Interstate 20 at Trail Lake Drive.

In response, Wendy's wrote that it was aware of and "abruptly handling the situation."

A Fort Worth police officer said employees made eye contact with him before they walked to the back of the restaurant's kitchen and refused to take his order, KRLD reported.

The officer was the only person in the restaurant at the time, aside from employees, police spokesman Sgt. Marc Povero told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. An employee taking drive-thru orders made eye contact with the officer but didn't help him, he said.

"He left, believing they refused to serve him because he was an officer in uniform," the Star-Telegram reported.

It's not the first time that a company has been accused of refusing service to a uniformed officer.

A Taco Bell employee in Alabama was fired in July after two deputies said she refused to serve them because of their positions. Walmart launched an investigation into a report that a uniformed police officer was denied service at a Florida store in August.