WATCH: Autistic teen makes 1,000th half-court shot

A Georgia high school senior is the talk of the town after making his 1,000th half-court shot at North Hall High School's basketball game this weekend.

Nicholas Bennett, who has autism, has been the team’s manager for years.

"I like to do work for them,” Bennett said. “I just enjoy it, like it's my everyday job."

For four years, Bennett swept the gym floor, cleaned the backboards and inflated basketballs for the high school basketball team.

Bennett, who was adopted from Russia at 9 months old, is a great student. But those in Hall County say what he did on the basketball court is something that may never be forgotten.

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Through four seasons of practices, he shot and shot and shot, sinking basket after basket from half court.

Bennett’s goal was to hit 1,000 by graduation. By the time he reached 999, coach Tyler Sanders had a plan.

At Saturday’s game against Gainesville High, Nick suited up for the first time. On the first play, he scored the first basket.

"There wasn't a dry eye in the house, and on top of that, it was the loudest I've ever heard this gym,” Sanders said.

"We didn't know until right before the game and Nicholas ran over and said, ‘I'm starting,’” Bennet’s mother, Nancy, said.

At halftime, the ball was once again in Bennett's hands. From half court, No. 1,000 was nothing but net.

"It sounded so loud. It was like a noise from heaven,” Bennett said.

He says his motto is to just have faith.

"I just felt the Lord was helping me with it, and I was going to make it when I got up there,” Bennett said.

After graduation, Nick says he plans to attend seminary school.