Watch: Adults participate in the hot car challenge

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It seems simple: Sit in a hot car with the windows rolled up for 10 minutes and win $100. But these adults couldn't handle it--and that's exactly the point of the Hot Kar Challenge experiment.

Kars4Kids challenged adults to experience what's been happening to kids and animals all over the country on a weekly basis: being left in a hot car with no escape. These adults, however, were given a red button to press if they couldn't take it anymore.

At first, the adults are comfortable. But once the heat kicks in, so does the panic.

They start shifting around, removing clothes, doing anything to cool off. Many participants had a hard time catching their breath. Every person wanted out before the 10 minutes was up.

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When asked about how a child may feel being trapped in a car, the adults seem to have gotten the message.

"I could press the button. They couldn't press the button. They'd just be sitting there desperate."

"That's one of the worst things I've ever gone through in my life," said one man.

A child dies from heatstroke due to being left in a car weekly, according to the video.

According to Kars4Kids, it takes no more than 15 minutes for a car's interior to reach temperatures above 100 degrees in the summer months.