Waitress finds $1,700 forgotten on restaurant table, returns it

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A waitress found more than a thousand dollars laying forgotten on one of her tables and she did the right thing: She returned it to the customer who had mistakenly left it.

Kaylie Cyr was working at the Buffalo Wild Wings location in Portland, Maine on March 10.

A customer, Glenn Morse, and a friend stopped at the restaurant for appetizers and drinks. When they left, he left behind an envelope filled with $100 bills.

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"You hear those stories where people give those huge tips, but after seeing his name on the envelope, I knew it wasn't the case," Cyr told ABC News.

She turned the money in to the manager.

Morse called the restaurant the next morning trying to find out if anyone had found his missing cash.

A week later, Morse and his friend returned to Buffalo Wild Wings and gave Cyr a $100 reward, ABC News reported.

"They told me how grateful they were and how much it reflected on my character" Cyr said.