Waiter steals $30,000 of food, cash, police say

A Volusia County waiter is accused of stealing more than $30,000 in food and cash from the mom-and-pop restaurant where he worked, Ormond Beach police said.

Police said Anthony Liang gave away food from the Red Bowl Asian Bistro to customers in hopes of getting bigger tips.

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The manager noticed his sales were much lower than the other servers, then when the manager started looking into it, he discovered Liang stole from the business for 11 months, police said.

He's accused of changing the menu price of items on the receipts to zero on nearly $33,000 worth of food.

Police said when confronted Liang admitted on some cash payments that he would just pocket extra money.

WFTV’s Jeff Deal found out that Liang lives in a gated luxury complex in Heathrow and the restaurant manager said that he drove a fancy car.

The manager said that they are still trying to figure out exactly how much money they are out.