Venomous snake washes onto California beach

A distinctly venomous snake measuring 20 inches washed onto a California beach Tuesday.

Local experts confirmed the creature was a yellow-bellied sea snake that is normally found in tropic waters. Its distinct feature is a black top half and a yellow lower half, according to NBC San Diego.

Another yellow-bellied sea snake was discovered on California shores a month earlier, the report said. More snakes were spotted in a different part of the state last October as well.

The Surfrider Foundation told NBC San Diego the snakes are coming closer to shore because of El Nino. The animal is a warm-water creature, and the annual weather pattern gives it more range to hunt underwater with its potent venom.

A citizen alerted a lifeguard to the snake. It died shortly afterward.

The reptile was donated to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography for research.

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