USA Swimming bans Brock Turner for life

Brock Turner, the Oakwood High School grad and former Stanford University swimmer, was an "Olympic hopeful," according to his defense team, his own statements and those writing letters to the court on his behalf during his sexual assault trial.

If Turner still wants to make his Olympic miracle happen, he's going to have to swim for another country.

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Turner was officially banned by USA Swimming on Thursday and can't compete in any of its events. In a statement to USA Today, USA Swimming spokesman Scott Leightman said his sexual assault conviction renders him ineligible.

"Brock Turner's membership with USA Swimming expired at the end of the calendar year 2014," Leightman said in an email to Auerbach. "He was not a member at the time of his crime or since then. USA Swimming doesn't have any jurisdiction over non-members.

"Should he apply, he would not be eligible for membership. Had he been a member, he would be subject to the USA Swimming Code of Conduct. USA Swimming strictly prohibits and has  zero tolerance for sexual misconduct ... including a permanent ban of membership for those who violate."

Turner won several individual Ohio high school state titles and was part of the boys swimming team that won the state D-II title during the 2012-13 season.

After graduating Oakwood, Turner swam for Stanford through January 2015, when he was arrested on the University of Stanford campus after two grad students spotted him sexually assaulting an unconscious woman and detained him after he attempted to flee.

Turner was given a six-month sentence on June 2. The court's decision has led to a national uproar, with some petitioning the judge who made the sentence ruling and issuing a recall campaign.