Twitter wants Dallas Police Chief David Brown to run for president

Credit: Stewart F. House

Credit: Stewart F. House

When Dallas Police Chief David Brown took the podium during Tuesday's memorial service for the five fallen officers, Brown was the picture of poise and calm for an entire country seemingly besieged by a summer of violence.

After receiving a standing ovation from the crowd, Brown opened his remarks in an unconventional way, quoting a Stevie Wonder song: "We'll be loving you always. Always. Until you are me and I am you. Always."

The public has been so taken with the plain-spoken, b-spectacled police chief that Twitter users have asked Brown to run for office. The hashtag #DavidBrownForPresident began trending on Twitter on Monday and picked up steam after his remarks Tuesday.

Brown was thrust into the spotlight after his response to the killing of five police officers: Sgt. Michael Smith, 55; Senior Cpl. Lorne Ahrens, 48; Officer Michael Krol, 40; Officer Patrick Zamarripa, 32; and Officer Brent Thompson, 43. It was Brown who offered comfort to the families of the fallen officers. And it was Brown who made the controversial decision to use a robot and a bomb to end the stand-off with Johnson.

"I approved it. And I'll do it again if presented with the same circumstances," he said.

In the wake of the shootings, Brown has spoken out against the killings, stood up for his fellow officers and asked for peace. He's hinted that police officers are underpaid, and he's challenged protesters to stop protesting officers and join their ranks.

"We’re hiring," he said. "Get off that protest line, and put in an application. We'll put you in your neighborhood and help you resolve some of those problems."

But Brown himself is no stranger to tragedy.

In 1988, Brown's long-time partner, Officer Walter Williams, was investigating a disturbance when he was shot in the head and killed, ABC News reported.

In 1991, Brown's younger brother was killed after being shot in the head by drug dealers in Phoenix.

And in 2010, Brown's 27-year-old son was shot and killed after shooting and killing a police officer during a domestic disturbance, ABC News reported.

"I can't deny that's a part of who I am," Brown told The Dallas Morning News in May 2010. "The families of victims, I know what they go through. My family had to go through that. But does it make me police in a different manner or lead in a different manner? I'm not sure."

In September 2010 Brown moved to fire and criminally charge three officers after two were caught on video beating up a man and the third was accused of trying to cover up the incident, The Dallas Morning News reported. In February 2011, he swiftly fired and criminally charged another officer in after that cop was caught on camera kicking and using pepper spray on a handcuffed person.

In an act of transparency, Brown hosted news conferences and released video of each instance.

"I love serving. It's part of my character. It's part of who I am," Brown said Monday. "Out of all the crap we have got to take as police officers, the satisfaction you get with serving (is) much more gratifying. Much more gratifying."