Twitter calls out Florida girl for ‘black face’ Halloween costume

Twitter called out a Florida student for her Halloween costume choice for homecoming.

The student dressed up as entertainer Nicki Minaj, complete with body paint.

Twitter users took to shaming the costume quickly, sending many angry replies to @EmmaJohns129. She quickly deleted her account.

The profile on Twitter said she is from Hilliard, Florida and somehow users found out what school she attended and that she applied to the University of Florida.

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Twitter users sent emails to the school she attends, Hilliard Middle-Senior High School, about the costume. Another user then received a reply from the Dean of students saying it was under investigation.

Similar messages were also sent to the University of Florida.

@EmmaJohns129 tweeted an apology before the account was deleted.

A statement from the Nassau County School Board was released:

"During Homecoming week, Hilliard High School, as one of its activities, had "Dynamic Duo" dress up day. This is where students were dressing up as powerful or positive pairs of characters. A student dressed to emulate an admired singer, Nicki Minaj, while her friend dressed as Drake. In her mind, she was using brown make up to make herself look more like the singer. She in no way intended any offense to anyone and was not mocking the singer. When she realized that offense had been taken, she immediately took off the costume and washed off the make up.  In addition, she apologized and shut down her Twitter account, on which she had posted pictures.

"In regard to the student losing a scholarship over this incident, we have no knowledge that the student had a scholarship taken away.  One individual posted online that she was going to send the student's tweeted pictures to the University of Florida to try to keep her from being admitted, but that's all.

"As an educational institution, it is the school's job to help kids learn. In this case, the student was dealt a whole lot of "natural consequences" by society. She learned why it's not a good idea to post things online for the world to see, and that some things she didn't know were offensive, are actually taken as offensive by others. In addition, it is against the district rules to use an electronic device such as a cell phone during school hours or to use social media during the school day. The student clearly used a device to access social media during school hours in this case, so there may be a consequence for that. However, as previously stated, what this student is going through is honestly punishment enough for what she did, inadvertent as it was."