Top 3 weird stories of the week

Our No. 3 pick takes us to an Ohio town. There was no snow yet, so residents there decided to slide down the hill using pumpkin slime instead. (Via WEWS)

"Hundreds of high schoolers in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, ... took their pumpkins to the top of the hill. They smashed the pumpkins enough so that the whole place gets slimy. Perfect for them to slide down the hill." (Via HLN)

But this isn’t a new thing. Apparently, the slime-tastic tradition has been around for more than 40 years dating back to 1969.

Next up, some ships traveling the high seas are using Britney Spears songs to scare off pirates. No, really. (Via WLNY)

"While it's not the music of the pop princess herself, it's the high pitches and high-pitched noises and base notes within the music, which can be painful when played really loud. The music is blasted by long-range acoustic devices." (Via WRTV)

We doubt those Somali pirates, who reportedly reject Western culture, will be screaming, "Hit Me Baby One More Time." (Via Jive Records / Britney Spears)

And finally, this time of year, it's easy to think of candy and sweets. But one Brazilian town is a little over its head in sugar — literally. (Via Daily Mail)

"A river of caramel threatening to overtake the streets. You see this in amateur video that is nevertheless beautiful, flowing out of a damaged warehouse damaged in a fire." (Via ABC)

Walls were even built to help contain 30,000 tons of the syrupy, sugary mess.

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