This is what happened when lightning struck a warehouse and bourbon spilled into a pond

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An insane “firenado” broke out in Kentucky after a Jim Beam warehouse was struck by lightning and some 800,000 gallons of the good stuff spilled into a retention pond.

The flames from the warehouse spread to the pond and winds started whipping, creating the firenado.

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Commenters on the Internet reacted to this incident quite appropriately.

A lake brimming with bourbon becomes the nesting ground for a firenado, after a lightning strike destroys a Jim Beam...

Posted by The Weather Channel on Thursday, September 3, 2015

One wrote, "A moment of silence for the loss of some good Kentucky Bourbon," while another made a nice reference: "So was that the Devil's Cut?
(too soon?)"

While the pond kept the fire from spreading, any and all wildlife in it were contaminated and killed.

The bourbon distiller had to shell out $27,000 to the state to cover cleanup costs.