These children’s Christmas wish lists include blankets, food

Not all wishes are for the season’s hottest toy.

Some boys and girls are seeking more practical gifts: hygiene items, warm blankets and food.

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The charity group Things of My Very Own is hoping to help them.

The organization created tags, and children filled them out with specific items they would like.

“I want school snacks so I’m not the only one not eating during snack time at school,” a 10-year-old boy wrote.

The tags hang at a Scotia pizza shop. A social media post by the charity group features some of the children’s holiday wishes.

“This Christmas I want warm blankets and a coat,” an 11-year-old girl wrote. “I am a nice person.”

The group has seen an outpouring of support which they hope will continue after the holiday season.

"But February through July or August are very, very difficult for families because the donations don't come in," nonprofit founder Rayn Boncie told WYNT.