The resemblance between this woman and her doppelgänger will blow your mind

She searched around the world and found her 'twin' a mere hour away.
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It's happened to the best of us. We meet a new person at a party, and at the end of the introduction they just can't help but add, "Wow, you look just like [insert name of family member or friend you'll never meet]."

While you're not really sure how to respond, you are definitely frustrated that you'll probably never get to lay eyes on this purported twin they say you have floating out there in the universe.

Well last month, one lucky woman named Niamh Geaney actually got the sweet satisfaction of not only seeing her doppelgänger, but meeting her as well. Turns out Geaney's "twin" lived only an hour from her hometown of Dublin.

Their resemblance is pretty shocking, and Geaney's reaction to her "twin," Karen Branigan, is exactly what you'd think.

"I haven’t stopped looking at you because I can’t," Geaney said in the video of the two them posted to the "Twin Strangers" site. "It’s weird. She probably looks closer than some of my sisters."

According to "Twin Strangers,"  it all started when three friends decided to hunt down their doppelgängers, using the entire world as their haystack.

Geaney, Harry English and Terence Manzanga used social media and their site to hold a "Twin Stranger" competition. They asked other strangers to find their lookalike in one month, and it worked, particularly in Geaney's case.

While the others found solid possibilities, hers was was what really put their project on the map.

Now they're offering to help others find their twin. You can submit your photo to them on Facebook, and they'll help you track them down.