Q&A on the News

S. Powell, Lilburn

A: Georgia Lottery Corp. president and CEO Margaret DeFrancisco received a $286,000 salary in 2009, which was the same as 2008. She also received a $204,034 bonus, up from $150,000 in 2008, the AJC reported in November. That bonus was among $2.75 million in bonuses Georgia Lottery staffers received. Lottery directors’ salaries range from about $75,000 a year to $500,000 annually, David Gale, executive director of the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries, told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in June 2009 after the Arkansas Lottery Commission hired its first executive director at a $324,000 annual salary.

Q: Did President Obama and his family attend church this Christmas?

Rev. Jose M. Kochuparampil, McDonough

A: The family, who celebrated the holiday while vacationing in a rented estate on Oahu, did not attend Christmas Day or Christmas Eve services, according to reports by the Associated Press, the Washington Post and Time magazine. Time reported that the Bush family spent eight Christmases at Camp David and regularly attended the chapel’s candlelight Christmas Eve service and the Clintons traditionally attended midnight mass at the Washington National Cathedral.

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